I’m leaving, for good

Well, not exactly. 3 more days of work at Marche and i’m officially free! Goodbye stupid management(Gandhi anyone?), goodbye uniform and the irritating green apron, goodbye esteemed colleagues and hello dear freedom.

Like a bird in a cage, struggling, knowing very well that the wounds will only get deeper

On a more random note, i’m going to FINALLY complete the godforsaken Korean lesson. Finally. Finally. Finally. I’m so happy lol.


High on Vaccines, Magazines and Saccharines

The big dipper is in its quintessential form tonight, enjoy it while you can.

You are my star, i’m your number one fan


This will be a serious entry. Skip it if you don’t really give a damn.

The only difference between a man, and an animal, is his ability to perceive the situation as it is and make the right decision regarding it. Without that neglected little component in us, we would be nothing more then the stray kittens we feed on the street, or the wild, untamed tigers in the lush jungles of Africa.

Several things have just come up that have made me come to a decision to make a blog to blog about the things that happen in my life. Throughout the course of my 17 years of living on Gaia, i have lived through it with one desire in mind. Justice. It always irritates me when justice is not dished out to the evil-doers and the nay sayers while the good are always persecuted.The different are always treated differently; discriminated and ostracized. Labeled as simply, different than those in the bandwagon.

That’s what i hate about Singaporeans. They only use their sight, to find fault. Their mouth, to criticize and to gossip. Their ears, which filter out all the important things and deprive them of proper sound. Singaporeans, with their blackened lungs, because of the filth that their breathing, smoke and all. Yet, although there is some good among them, everyone is still regrettably the same in the end.

Why, oh why, is that so?

And so, because of this, i’ve made this blog. To record the things that happen in my life. Every single minute detail, in pictures that will last the test of time.

This is what you’ve came here for i suppose?

Work. Work. Work. If anyone of you played warcraft 3, you’ve most probably heard it from one of the peons. Remember? Those green little orcs with horns sticking out of their mouths? I’ve been working for quite some time now, and an incident today really struck me. I actually had an epiphany, mind you.

During the day, a very good and respected (by me) friend of mine asked me to go to the chiller to help him carry some food on the trolley, which i happily obliged to. However, he accidentally hit some vegetables down on the floor. A higher up magically appeared at the entrance of the chiller and said, ‘What the fuck are you doing?’.

Pardon my use of profanities, freedom of speech!

Now i ask you, was it necessary?

Is life like that? Do we have to work long hours day in and day out, just for something we call ‘money’? Just because we need that ‘money’ to buy necessities to survive, do we really need to endure this bullshit?

Now, i set a task for myself. I will discover the true meaning of life. Even if it is darker then the dark side of the moon, or as bright as the refulgent sun in the sky, i will find it. Remember, money is power, only when nothing is free.

“I wanna earn more money. From a boy to a man, a man to a rich and a rich to man of power. Those with the powers wants to play God.” – Tablo