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O Levels, the before and after.

Its exactly 8.48AM at this point, approximately 5hours and 12minutes till 2PM. I actually had a good sleep, but i had to wake up to tell my mother to inform my little brother what to do after school because i wouldn’t be at home. And i couldn’t sleep after that. Tried watching some television, but it didn’t really do much of a help in speeding up the time.

A lot of ‘What if’s’ are flooding my mind and I’m genuinely anxious about my results. I hope everything goes well.

Time check: 8.52AM


Time check: 4.57PM

I was literally scared out of my skin while waiting for the results. I was freaking scary, looking at the poor NA % results as compared to our seniors. Anyway, i got the points i anticipated. So, i’m not ‘that’ disappointed with myself.

This marks the end of secondary school life for me. The end of a chapter of my life, and the start of another. I will not repeat the mistakes I’ve made, and try to make better decisions from now on. Anyone going to PJC or CJC open house tomorrow? I don’t want to get lost on the way there 🙂



I’m sure all of you know that the release date for the O level results is on Monday. I’m feeling extremely ambivalent about this.  I’m worried because I have a rough gauge about how many points I’ll get and it isn’t really that awesome, but who’s to blame? Me. On the other hand, I think I’m mentally prepared to receive it.

You know the phase that people go through after they receive their results? Yes, that phase. If the results are awesome or up to their expectations, they get so high until we can’t see them anymore. But for the majority who aren’t satisfied with our petty results, we feel sad and sink into depression. Thankfully, i went into that depressive phase weeks ago, so I’m all set and ready to face my results.

Its really sad how looking back, I realize that I’m the only one to blame for the results. And because of that, i have to willing accept the ramifications to come.

Not sleeping enough = Screwing up Lit = Lousy L1R5 = Lousy JC = Lousy people = Not motivated = Lousy A Level Grades = Unable to enter University = Failure in life

I know its a little exaggerated but hey, we all have to consider and accept that there is a worst case scenario when everything in our life doesn’t go as planned. I’m not being a pessimist, i’m just being realistic and logical. (OMG, i sound like Christopher!)

Judging from your reactions either personally or through facebook, I think i can safely say that most of you dread receiving your results. Well, here’s some tips for you to relieve yourself of the guilt or grief when you face your results!

Results may vary from person to person

1] Evaluate your performance for each subject and your expected grade

This will help you to think realistically and plan accordingly from there. Also, it will prevent you from wasting your time and dreaming about those dream courses that you’ll never get in anyway. I know i sound mean, but that’s life.

2] Pick up something to do to get your mind off Monday

So, we’ll get our results in 2 days time. What do you do? Fret, fret and fret more. Whats the point in doing that? You’ll only worsen the state of dysphoria you’re in and that will only make you feel MORE depressed and certain that you’ll fail and blah blah blah. So basically, don’t think about it. Try to forget it. I would highly recommend exercising because the production of endorphins helps to reduce stress. You’ve also most likely gained weight during the holidays, like me!

3] Acceptance

If after you’ve completed step 1 you find out that you’ll fair quite well in the exams, give yourself a pat on the back. If not, well, you just have to accept that fact and move on with life. This is a hard decision that you’ll most likely have to face again as life progresses. But try not to NEVER, i repeat, NEVER let yourself feel discouraged by this. Use this as a source of motivation in either Poly or JC to strive for excellence so you’ll never regret your results again!

Good luck to everyone, stay happy and healthy! 🙂