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Who are we?

Even though we can see, we are blind to the problems that the world faces today; poverty, natural disasters, global warming and civil war. We pretend we don’t see the poor man or woman dressed in tattered clothing we see on the street by the dustbin, trying to find aluminum cans or cardboard to afford even the simplest of meals. We do nothing but look and forget.

We are blind

Even though we can hear, we are oblivious to the cries of the people. Those who are in pain, abused, hungry and poor. We cast away those who are labeled by social stigma, such as the mentally ill, ex-prisoners. We ignore the pleas of people who need our help, because we are are more important, because we are more virtuous, because we are better then them. We walk away from them, in their time of distress.

We are deaf

Even though we can move, our hearts remain unmoved by all the earthshaking events that occur in the world today. Earthquakes in Haiti, the global recession, Civil violence in sub-saharan countries. We remain rooted to our beliefs that we deserve the center of attention, the spotlight because we have it harder then them. We only move when we feel like it, when we can gain from it, when we can prosper from it.

We are lame

Who are we?

Are we

Defenders of peace?

Bearers of light?

Messengers of hope?

Warriors of justice?


Are we

Advocates of sin?

Bringers of affliction?

Antagonists in the story of life?

People, the question is not ‘Who are we?’ but ‘Who am I?’ Who am I to not be a standout in life? Who am i to not be a non-conformer and make the difference in the world today? Who are you not to be?

Looking back at the life I’ve been living so far, I’ve realized that although i truly privileged to be born a normal and healthy homo-sapien, i am still blind, deaf and lame. I need to stop being proud and embrace humility. I need to stop being so despondent, so use my time properly for the good of the community.

I need to truly open my eyes and see the world as it is, in all its HD glory. To open my ears, and listen. To take action.



This video was shown in catechism class to the secondary three’s last year by Lewis. I inadvertently viewed it again while I was browsing through all my videos in iTunes. I know most of the my blog viewers aren’t Christian or Catholic… but i just felt like sharing it. It’s a really touching video :)Please take the time to view it!


Anyway, i didn’t really do much other then attend a formation/reflection session in church today. Personally, i don’t see the point of such sessions; maybe its just me. Here’s a picture i received from Ann (Head of the confirmation program). I didn’t participate in the pouring/drawing of sand, but i think its really swell 🙂