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Chinese Takeaway


A rose blooms at my smile.

Flashes of light flood the streets.

A blind painter’s brushstrokes sweep the canvas,


Creating another new masterpiece,

things normal people cannot even reproduce.


What are those little thingamajigs?

Oh right, it’s a camera.


A snapshot,

a click,


A moment in time captured,

history on a piece of film.


Alas, this will not do. This will not do at all.

It’s blur, unclear,

as if the particles are bleeding ink all over.

Is that a tentacle?

Oh, it’s a hand?


Without those palm sized pieces of paper,

I can still remember.

The thoughts,



Something even a camera cannot even capture.


Yes I am angry. Furious even, that the photographs turned out this way. I suppose, when we win something, we have to lose something in the process.

Ps. I think I did a great job thinking of the title of this poem, it’s so fitting!


Did you miss me?

Hello my dear stalker fans who go to my blog everyday even though i dont update it regularly!

I did it! I finally did it! I lost my virginity!

After 1,2,3,4,5 days of not studying for my midterms, i decided to go to school to study! My day started off with a bad start, i overslept. You know, having crappy mornings usually spoil my entire day causing me to feel all maladroit and lazy but today was an exception 🙂

Anyway, i think i lost my flair for blogging, if i ever had any in the first place, so until i get used to sharing with you paparazzi my life story, it’ll be this unstructured and disorganized.

Oh yes, an interesting thing happened to me today on my way home. When i boarded bus 174 home, upon sitting down, i was greeted by the quarrels of a couple who were squabbling about how the other was not doing his/her part in the household and complaining about how stressed up he/she was. And that really got me thinking, it is without a doubt undoubtedly, without any certain uncertainty, that in a relationship, there will be arguments, fights, disagreements, but the married couple will slowly learn to compromise with one another, helping their relationship to grow. Like a bamboo, which stays underground in the virgin stages of its life, after a relationship has made it through all the thick and thin, the bamboo shoot will burst out of the ground, and grow magnificently high. The son was also crying whenever his mother shouted at her husband. Oedipus complex anyone? 🙂 In case you are totally dumbfounded on what the heck an Oedipus complex is, check it out here.

After school, i decided to check out the facilities at HometeamNS cause i decided to pick up swimming again to stay healthy and hopefully become fit again. The swimming pool was perpetually empty, save for a couple of people, a good sign! I also found a Reading/Study room there, and from the one second glimpse i had of it, i think its an acceptable place to study at 🙂

To end off my post, i’ll share with everyone a haiku: “The best way to attract attention, is to blast hit songs by SuperJunior, SNSD or SHINee.”

Oh and i hate volumetric analysis TTM