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Case study of a healthy and unhealthy lifestyle

You have to watch this, your future depends on it!

It’s a pity Sandara Park’s (2NE1 anyone?) brother, Thunder, is not featured in it. Lee Joon and Mir always get the spotlight in MBLAQ.


The Good, the bad, and the weird

I’m sure everyone has had their own experience with those lovey-dovey, overly mushy and cliche lines that are always said on Asian dramas, especially Korean ones.

The first time i was ‘exposed’ to this was 2 years ago when i inadvertently chanced upon an old X-Man video on youtube. Not the one with Jean gray and wolverine but the now ended Korean game show. In the game show, there was this segment where they would pit two celebrities against one another, usually of different sexes, and get them to say mushy lines until the other could no longer speak because he/she would have collapsed onto the floor in laughter. In the videos below, its from a section called ‘Of Course’ where the participants have to say ‘Of Course’ to whatever attack the competitor says in order to win.

Watching the videos two years later is certainly nostalgic. I guess i withstood the test of time because I still giggle like a fool whenever i watch them 🙂

So, i’m sure many of you had your fair share of mushy quotations, words, lines and whatnot. Do feel free to share them so we can all laugh like idiots 🙂 Here are some of my favourite ones.

God just called. He told me an angel is missing from heaven. It was you.

Though I may hate the hot weather during summer, I love the shining sun. Though I may hate the rainy season during Autumn, I love the falling leaves. Though I may hate the freezing climate during winter, I love the falling snow. Though I may hate the unforgiving world, I love only you.

If you felt like throwing up after reading them or watching the videos… ITS GREAT!

CL, the baddest female

For all you Kpop fans out there, you’ll most probably recognize the girl on the left as Lee Chae Rin, leader of the hottest girl group sensation from YG, 2NE1! And on the right, the leader of Big Bang, Mr GDragon!

This reminds me, one day i absolutely HAVE to blog about why i’m such a fanboy of CL.

Anyway, i found this picture caption worthy. Hope the minute people who read this blog have a go at it.

CL: Louis Vuitton glasses, check. Ripped clothing, check. Cute expression, check.