Major Freakazoid

I cannot keep running away from the truth so here it is.

  1. I just got out of a 30 day burnout during which I did not study at all.
  2. I am stressed because I am afraid that I will not do well for my A levels.
  3. I do not want to let down my parents, teachers or myself down.
  4. Virgo’s aren’t supposed to be procrastinators. I guess I’m just one of those exceptions. Lucky me.
  5. I think I am getting skinnier, so I guess it’s time to start exercising daily again (to manage my stress).
  6. I have work that has to be submitted, but I am going to take a huge risk and fuck all of it.
  7. I told my parents to put their trust into my study schedule. I can get out of this vicious cycle. And I will.
  8. I just hope I get out of it in time because my expectations of myself are increasing and I can’t seem to reach that high yet.
  9. I hate being a perfectionist. Sigh.
  10. I need someone to tell me everything will be okay 😦

Today is day 2. I will get out of this in 25 days. I can do this. I can do this. God help anyone that stands in my way.

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